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Episode 8 Highbridge Youth Arts

Finding out more about the Highbridge Youth Theatre

Episode 7 - Larry Bennett (talks about Portishead Radio)

Larry Bennett is telling us all about probably one of the world's most famous radio stations, which was based in Highbridge. Why was it so famous and who listened? Wan...

Episode 6 - Selina Keedwell (Somerset Youth Theatre)

It's time for another edition of The Highbridge Podcast This week we hear about Somerset You Theatre and their work with young people and also find out more about what...

Highbridge Podcast Ep5 -John Strickland local historian

A chance to catch up with Local historian John Strickland talking about his memories and research into Highbridge and Burnham-On-Sea

Highbridge Podcast Episode 4-The Highbridge Festival

If you're like me, you have heard about the Highbridge festival, and like me maybe you've always wondered, what's it all about? So we'll be finding out more from Mary ...

Highbridge Podcast Ep3 - Our Highbridge

In this edition, we find out about the community project called 'Our Highbridge'. When I spoke with Ruth and Nadja who are two of its members

Highbridge Podcast Episode 2 - Nornen Project & Seed Sedgemoor

Interviews with Corrinne Curtis about the Nornen Project and Scott O'Hara talking about Seed Sedgemoor

Episode 1 Series 1 - Blues in the Pews

First edition of the Highbridge Podcast. Introduction to the project and interview with the Reverend Martin Little about the Blues in the Pews music project in Highbridge

Promo For the Highbridge Podcast

Short promo to annouce the coming of the Highbridge Podcast

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